Schedule of Fees

General Recording
See our General Recording Requirements or NRS 247.110(3) for standard formatting requirements.
General Document Recording Fee $41.00 per document
Notice of Default Document Recording Fee $291.00 per document (NRS 107.080)

Map Recording
Subdivision/Tract Map $66.00
Parcel Map $33.00
Survey Map $33.00
Land Map $66.00
Each additional page on all maps $10.00

Mining Recording
For more information, please visit Nevada Division of Minerals.
Certificate of Location, including Amended or Relocated $26.00 per document, plus $10.00 per claim for D.O.M.
Affidavit-Notice of Intent to Hold, Proof of Labor, or Amended Proof of Labor $16.00 per document, plus $2.00 per claim, plus $10.00 per claim for D.O.M.
Placer Map, including Amended or Relocated $16.00 per document, plus $1.00 per acre
Lode, Millsite, or Tunnel Map including Amended or Relocated $16.00 per document, plus $15.00 per claim

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Recording
Accepted on forms prescribed and made available by the Nevada Secretary of State.
UCC, containing up to two pages $60.00
UCC, containing three to twenty pages ($2.00 for each page attached over 20 pages) $90.00
UCC, pertaining to public finance transaction (plus $2.00 for each additional debtor listed on all UCC's) $90.00

Recording Taxes
Transfer tax is collected, per NRS 375, when an interest in real property is conveyed.
Real Property Transfer Tax $2.05 per $500 of value

Marriage Certificate Copies
A certified copy of the application for marriage license is available in the Washoe County Clerk's Office. Contact them via phone at 775-784-7287.
Certified Copy of Marriage Record (proof of marriage) $15.00 each
Plain Copy of Marriage Record $1.00 each

Document Copies
Document Copy $1.00 per page
Map Copy $1.00 per page
UCC Copy $2.00 per page
Fee to certify any document copy $4.00 per certification

Additional Information
For any additional information, or clarification, please contact us:
InformationPhone Number
Marriages and copy requests 775-328-3660
Maps 775-328-3663
Real Estate, and all other questions 775-328-3661

Bulk Copies of Recorded Documents

The Recorder's Office can provide copies in bulk of public records that are housed in our office. For more information, contact our Department Systems Technician via email, or via phone at 775-326-6011.