Electronic Recording

Electronic recording, also known as eRecording, is an efficient and cost effective alternative to mailing or delivering documents in person to the Washoe County Recorder's Office.; eRecording enables customers to securely submit and record documents via the Internet.

The Washoe County Recorder's Office was an early adopter of eRecording, recording its first document electronically in 2003. Today, nearly 70% of the documents in this office are recorded electronically.

When the Recorder's Office recorded documents back in the 1860's, the documents were delivered on foot, or by horseback. Over the next century, the United States Postal Service and overnight shipping services broadened the range of delivery methods. eRecording is simply another delivery mechanism for documents and improves the overall turnaround time for recording from days and weeks to minutes. For more information, or to ask us questions about eRecording, please contact our office at (775) 328-3661.

The Washoe County Recorder's Office currently uses three delivery agents (portals) for eRecording. You may reach out to any of them to learn more about how you can eRecord in Washoe County.

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Kevin Kinderman
Phone: (866) 652-0111
email: eRecording@cscglobal.com
Website: www.eRecording.com
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eRecording Partners Network, LLC
ePN Support
Phone: (888) 325-3365 x1
email: support@goepn.com
Website: www.GOePN.com
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Josh Holmes
Phone: (800) 460-5657 x1034
email: josh.holmes@simplifile.com
Website: www.simplifile.com

Photo by Vladimir I. Steblina