Marriage Application Pre-Fill

Due to COVID-19, we will be suspending all prefill applications until further notice.

In order to help expedite the licensing process, couples can now pre-fill most of their marriage license information online. Once the form is completed, you will be given a file number which you will need to bring with you to our office to complete your transaction. Here's how to pre-fill your application:

  1. Click the Pre-Fill Online Marriage Form button below
  2. Select Online Marriage Application from the drop down toward the bottom of the page
  3. Click New next to the drop down
  4. Fill out all of the information presented to you on the form screen
  5. Click Create Document at the bottom of the form
  6. You will then be brought to a confirmation screen. Read over the information to make sure it is correct. Once finished, click Confirm at the bottom of the page
  7. Be sure to note the File Number as you will need to bring that with you to our office to complete your transaction
  8. Both individuals must appear in our office to complete the application process.
WARNING: Our prefill application is currently not generating a confirmation number for you near the end of the prefill submission. However, your data is likely still saved in our system. When appearing in our office for the final paperwork, if you received a 404 error or page not found instead of a confirmation number for your prefill, inform our staff that you filled out a prefill so our staff can look up your information by name instead.

Prefill Online Marriage Form

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