Clerk's Office

County Clerk - Jan Galassini

Marriage licenses are available by advanced appointment.

Book Now to Schedule License Appointment

Government-issued photo identification is required.
Masks are required to enter all Washoe County buildings.
Only the couple will be allowed to enter the building.
$60 fee payable by credit card only.
(no cash, checks or money orders)

Fictitious Firm Names, Notary Bonds, and Marriage Officiant application forms and instructions are available on our website. Please refrain from using cash. Credit cards, checks, money orders acceptable for these filing fees.
For drop-offs, please see the security desk in building A.

The duties of the elected office of the County Clerk include a wide variety of services to the public. This office also preserves and maintains many records of Washoe County dating back to 1861 available for public inspection. Above all, our office is here to serve you with a higher quality of customer service and transparency for its citizens. See below to see some of the services this office provides.

Marriage License Bureau

Whether you are looking to obtain a marriage license for your ceremony or researching your great grandparent’s genealogy from the late 19th century, the Marriage License Bureau is here to serve you. Learn More »

Business Services Division

Looking to file or renew a Fictitious Firm Name (“Doing Business As”) or your Notary Bond? The Business Services Division is here to help with the various forms you’ll need along with the ability to search for existing filings that have already been filed with us. Learn More »

Code and Ordinances

Our office is also responsible for providing the public with most up-to-date County Code supplement along with any new ordinances that the Board of County Commissioners have signed into effect. NEW – Check out the new online system that allows you to search code and ordinances easier than ever. Learn More »

Board Records and Minutes Division

Our Board Records and Minutes Division is an important source for the history of past and present actions of your Board of County Commissioners who make decisions regarding our community such as regional planning and funding for services provided by the Sheriff, District Attorney, Assessor and all the departments that make up your County government. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »