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Each year, millions of Americans have allergic reactions to food. Although most food allergies cause relatively mild and minor symptoms, some food allergies can cause severe reactions, and may even be life-threatening.

There is no cure for food allergies. Strict avoidance of food allergens — and early recognition and management of allergic reactions to food — are important measures to prevent serious health consequences.

In order to increase awareness, the Washoe County Health District developed posters that are being delivered to all restaurants in Washoe County. Our goal is to educate food service workers to be able to identify the major food allergens in the foods they make and serve. This will help to better inform patrons when dining out at there favorite food facilities. To learn more about food allergens, watch this video.

The Food Protection Program strives to maintain the highest level of food safety in Washoe County for locals and visitors alike. Staff conducts annual inspections of food establishments including restaurants, food manufacturers, temporary food establishments and mobile food operations to determine compliance with current food safety regulations and practices. Food Protection Program staff also work collaboratively with members of the Communicable Diseases and Epidemiology to investigate complaints and outbreaks. Useful resources for operators are also listed below to help local business operators and support best practices for food preparation.

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green-yellow-red for inspection scores

New Regulations of the Washoe County District Board of Health Governing Food Establishments

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