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Program Description

Our agency works towards ensuring a healthy and environmentally safe facility for children and childcare staff by increasing awareness to reduce illness and injury that impacts their health. 

Pursuant to the Child Care Licensing Regulations, the Washoe County Department of Social Services requires that all child care centers be inspected by the Washoe County Health District at least annually.

Inspections at child care centers include, but are not limited to:

  • Review of employee and student sick/exclusion policies
  • Inspection of physical facilities for general maintenance and cleanliness
  • Inspection of diapering areas, and
  • Evaluation of sanitizing/disinfecting practices.

The Child Care Inspection fee is based upon the average amount of time necessary for Environmental Health Services Division staff to complete the inspection. The current fee for child care inspections can be located in the Fee Schedule under Permitted Facilities, Child Care Inspection.

The Child Care Facility Inspection Request is available in PDF format. Please complete the form and either mail or deliver it along with payment of the current fee, as indicated on the Fee Schedule under the section labeled "Permitted Facilities," to the Washoe County Health District. The Health District will conduct inspections only after receiving the Inspection Request with payment.

Mail to:  Washoe County Health District, Environmental Health Services Division, PO Box 11130, Reno, NV 89520

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