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Due to the COVID-19 response and State of Emergency declared by the State of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, EHS offices will be closed for the foreseeable future.

A drop off bin for septic repair or well permits or as-builts ONLY is available at entrance between Building B and C.

Only documents in the list above will be accepted. Ensure you have contact information attached.

Contact Dave Kelly with questions - 328-2630

Please understand the Health District is facing heavy call volume and may not be able to respond immediately.


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The Land Development Program, through permit plan review, inspections, and collaboration with state and local agencies, health department staff and the public, ensures that development in Washoe County occurs in a manner that minimizes environmental contamination and prevents the spread of disease, promotes public health and safety, and provides sustainable development.

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING WATER PROJECTS: Please note before a new water project is placed online, Washoe County Health District must be provided with a certification from the supplier of water that the water project was completed in substantial compliance with the plans and specifications approved for the water project, including the installation of potable water system products certified to ANSI/NSF standards. (NAC 445A.65825, NAC 445A.6663, NAC 445A.66715)

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Engineering Review Requirements

Washoe County Health District Regulations

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Wes Rubio - Commercial Plans, Subdivisions, Maps
Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist

David Kelly - Septic Systems, Domestic Wells, Water Systems
Senior Registered Environmental Health Specialist

Chris Peterson, PE
Licensed Engineer

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