Excellence In Food Safety Award

The Excellence in Food Safety Award Program was created to recognize Washoe County food facilities that go above and beyond to demonstrate their commitment to long-term food safety. Participating in the program will not only help facilities to better publicize their food safety record, it can also be used as a working goal to encourage employee teambuilding and awareness of food safety practices in the workplace. 

How It Works

The Excellence in Food Safety Award program will operate from January 1st through December 1st each calendar year. Food facilities that meet the program criteria are encouraged to complete and submit an application and supporting documents  to WCHD. Applications will be reviewed by WCHD staff from November 1st to December 31st each year. Qualifying facilities will receive an award certificate, window sticker, and a digital logo to display on webpages and social media. Additionally, recipients will be listed on the WCHD website and on the Washoe Eats smartphone app. There is no limit to the number of food establishments that can receive this award per year. 

Partcipating Facilities

Any facility in Washoe County that meets eligible criteria:

Mandatory Criteria (must meet all):

  • Establishment must be currently open for business and possess a valid health permit
  • Permit has not been suspended or revoked during the application year
  • The establishment has been inspected in accordance with the WCHD’s frequency of inspection requirements
  • Establishment has a Certified Food Protection Manager

Mandatory Inspection Requirements (must meet all):

  • Establishment has not exceeded allowable number of violations.
    • Establishment has had zero critical violations during each inspection for past 2 years.
    • Establishment has not exceeded 3 non-critical violations during each inspection,and
    • Establishment has had no more than one (1) repeat violation during the application year

Supporting Documents-Facility-based Criteria (pick 3), 6 options

  • Approved HACCP plan.
  • Proof of food safety logs. (Temperature, cooling, calibration)
  • Continuing education for staff, including attendance at training or conferences.
  • Written Food Safety Plan or internal training program.
  • Essay (min 500 words) – “How has your establishment promoted a culture of food safety excellence this year?”
  • Approved Operational Plans. (ie Dogs on Patios, Catering, Barbeque)


Please see the form below to apply for an Excellence in Food Safety Award.