Other Tobacco Products

Although cigarettes are the most common way people use tobacco, many people use tobacco products that are not cigarettes. Those products are often referred to as Other Tobacco Products (OTP). Other Tobacco Products is a growing category that makes tobacco easily accessible to consumers in spite of cigarette tax increases and an increasing number of smoke-free policies. Sometimes there are claims these products help with smoking cessation; however, OTP are not FDA-approved cessation aids. No scientific evidence shows that OTP help smokers successfully quit traditional cigarettes. Further, their use can cause serious health problems including cancer. In addition, dual use of cigarettes and OTP is continuing to rise, which may diminish any potential benefits of cutting back on traditional cigarettes.

OTP Use Among Youth

A new generation is getting hooked on tobacco through OTP. Findings from the National Youth Tobacco Survey, a nationally representative survey of middle and high-school students focusing exclusively on tobacco use, indicate that e-cigarette and hookah use is on the rise among students in the United States (U.S.). From 2011 to 2014, e-cigarette use among high school students increased nearly 800% and hookah use more than doubled. Further, among students that never smoked conventional cigarettes but who had used e-cigarettes at least once, 43.9% had an intention to smoke conventional cigarettes.

Types of OTP

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Last modified on 04/20/2017