Continuing Education

  Opportunities for Continuing Education

Washoe County supports the ongoing development and training of its workforce.  Therefore, the County has implemented several programs to encourage and support its employees in their endeavors to learn and grow.

     External Training Seminars

Funding for training seminars offered by outside agencies is built into the departmental budgets based on department's need and request. Employees are encouraged to seek ongoing training and to discuss these opportunities with their supervisors.

     Tuition Reimbursement

Washoe County will provide employees up to $750 per year in reimbursement for approved courses based on departmental budgets.  For more information, review the County's Tuition Reimbursement policy and procedures.

Tuition Reimbursement Policy and Process

  Excellence in Public Service Logo  Washoe County Training - The Learning Center

Washoe County encourages lifelong learning and the professional development of all employees.  Excellence in Public Service is a series of certificate programs that recognizes successful completion of essential employee development courses.

 University of Phoenix logo Washoe County and University of Phoenix

Washoe County and University of Phoenix have teamed up to encourage employees to enhance their educational, professional and personal lives through higher education. University of Phoenix offers a learning environment that’s designed to support working adults so you can pursue the higher education you’ve always dreamed of—on a schedule that fits your lifestyle. This opportunity provides you the real-world skills needed to advance your personal and professional career goals.

What this means for you

University of Phoenix delivers rigorous coursework in a flexible format to allow students to balance work and home life while earning their degrees. Employees will receive the following benefits:

  • 10% savings on the cost of tuition
  • Access to the Credit Recommendation Guide to help students transition completed training and development courses into elective credit through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) process
  • Access to innovative education technologies including electronic textbooks and course materials, a comprehensive online library, and intuitive writing and math tools
  • A personalized Graduation Team comprised of dedicated advisors to support you from enrollment to graduation.

Are you currently enrolled at University of Phoenix?

If you are a Washoe County employee already enrolled with University of Phoenix, simply follow the steps below to begin receiving the tuition reduction with your next class:

  • First, access your University of Phoenix eCampus site.
  • Once logged in, select the Account tab at the top, and then select the Employer/Tribal Benefits Program.
  • Select Washoe County from the drop-down menu.
  • Once the required fields have been completed, click submit.

 Visit, a dedicated resource for Washoe County employees to:

  • Explore degree programs
  • Learn more about PLA
  • Chat with a University representative

University of Phoenix Information

University of Phoenix FAQs


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