Clinical Services

Clinical Services is comprised of two separate units, the Clinical Resources Unit (CRU) and Intensive In-Home Services (IIHS).

The mission of the CRU is to provide behavioral health services to the Division. Services include crisis intervention; individual, couples and family therapy; clinical case support and consultation; foster home support services; placement stabilization; pre and post adoptions support; special needs adoptions clinical services; information and referral; treatment team consultation; client and staff training support. This unit is staffed by 5 full-time staff which includes a unit supervisor and licensed therapists.

The mission of the IIHS is to provide family therapy and clinical case management to families that are clients of IIHS. The IIHS provides intensive in-home family therapy to families receiving services from the Children’s Services Division. Family therapy services are provided to families for Placement Prevention and for Reunification. Placement Prevention services are provided to families with children who are at risk of out-of-home placement due to abuse or neglect. Reunification services are provided to families with children who are returning from foster care or other out-of-home placement. Services typically last for approximately 90 days.

For more information about any of the services offered, please contact the Washoe County Clinical Units at 775.337.4557, or by e-mail at