Washoe County Grows

Master Plans in Washoe County

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Master Plan

This Master Plan addresses various sectors of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office including the Detention team, Administration & Forensics team, and Operations and Patrol teams. Additionally, the Master Plan outlines an analysis, options, expansion recommendations and costs. 

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Downtown Master Plan

This project outlines a dynamic master plan for the downtown area to increase efficiencies within the Washoe County system, address future growth needs and provide guidance for future improvements into 2040. Current needs to be addressed with the plan include work environment and access to services, population growth, increase in new court case files, staff growth, physical space and parking needs. Click here for the presentation of the identified long-term needs of Washoe County services that are provided at our facilities in downtown Reno. 

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Washoe County Administration Complex Master Plan

To determine future space needs and develop a plan, Washoe County embarked upon a study to address a growing workforce to provide services to a projected population into the year 2038. Innovative options include workspaces of the future and new technology implementation. 

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