WCRAS COVID-19 Operation Protocol

At WCRAS, the animals are being well taken care of during these trying times. We want you to know that community and staff safety and well-being are our priorities while the COVID-19 situation is monitored. Regional Animal Services is taking steps to help protect the health, safety and well-being of our staff, customers and community in light of COVID-19 concerns. We want to be prepared for what the animals and our community may need from us in the coming weeks. As this situation is fluid, additional measures may be added or changed.

Cleaning and hygiene protocols

WCRAS continues to utilize cleaning and disinfection protocols that we already have in place for animal areas. Good personal hygiene has been and continues to be implemented by staff and volunteers as well as disinfection of work areas and high touch areas of the facility.

Animals are being isolated separately if they come from a COVID-19 suspected home. Hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies have been provided to our team and we have focused on being diligent about preventing any unnecessary exposure to staff and the public. 

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association states that there is no evidence that companion animals can be infected with or spread COVID-19. It is important to remember that viruses can infect a species but not cause illness, nor become transmissible to others.

Changes in WCRAS operations

Front Office – WCRAS' lobby is open to the public, but request that all non-essential business be done by phone or email. Staff are available in the lobby and by phone:

Monday-Friday between 8 am - 5 pm and on Saturday from 9 am - 3 pm.

We want to reunite you with your animal should you become separated. To help us expedite this process and continue to observe social distancing, we need your help and patience. If you need to come into the facility, we do require a mask to be worn and your temperature will be taken at the door. If you are not comfortable with these procedures or would rather keep your distance; all services can still be done by phone and email. Please contact us at 775-353-8901 or at pets@washoecounty.us.

We ask that all non-essential WCRAS business be handled through our website, over the phone or by emailing us at pets@washoecounty.us. Services that can be handled on our website:

  • Dog licensing (available as well as over the phone)
  • Lost pet report
  • Found pet report
  • Searching for your lost pet
  • Record requests

Field Services are still available 7 days per week, from 8 am to 10 pm by calling us at 775-322-3647. As of May 18, 2020, WCRAS' field services will be responding to calls for service that are not able to be handled over the phone.

Found an animal?

If you have found an animal, and you are not able to bring it to our office during the above-mentioned hours, contact us at 775-322-3647. You are also encouraged to help us reunite the animal by sharing the found animal information on social media platforms such as Facebook, Nextdoor, etc. These resources have proven to be extremely useful in getting animals reunited back with their people without ever entering the animal shelter!

Outreach Events – WCRAS has resumed vaccine clinics in a drive thru format, by appointment only. Click here for more information.

This is a rapidly changing situation and we appreciate your patience as we work through these precautions as a community. WCRAS will be monitoring and reviewing our protocols closely to help protect the health and safety of our staff and our community. 

Stay connected with us on our website at washoeanimals.com

Other animal shelters

Please note that Nevada Humane Society (775-856-2000) and Regional Animal Services are separate organizations that are co-located but may have separate protocols in place for service impacts.  

You can get updated information what The Nevada Humane Society is doing during the COVID-19 outbreak, please click here.

SPCA of Northern Nevada can be reached at 775-324-7773 or you can look through their website here.