Partnership with OUR Place


WCRAS is proud to partner with Washoe County Human Services Agency to assist women and families with pets, staying at OUR Place. WCRAS recognizes the importance of pets as part of a family and when OUR Place staff reached out to WCRAS for resources to help safely co-house residents and their pets, we were happy to help!

WCRAS provides basic dog and cat resources such as a crate, bed, bowls, leashes, litter boxes, food and vaccines too! These resources are necessary to provide a safe environment for people and animals to co-exist.

In 2020, OUR Place and WCRAS have successfully assisted many women and families to stay united together with their pets, and we look forward to expanding the resources available too!

Rhonda is one recipient who gladly provided an appreciative message about how this partnership has assisted her on her journey.
If you are interested in donating to help this portion of our program, we have created an easy list on Amazon for you. You don't have to just use Amazon, you may use any supplier of your choice! We do encourage you to shop local, as we do have quite a few local pet supply stores throughout our community!
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