Ashes to ashes: Brush fire snuffed out swiftly
TMFPD shares prevention tips to stay fire safe ahead of wind events

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Contact: Charles A. Moore, Fire Chief


Reno, Nev. Nov. 13, 2017. Early this morning Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District (TMFPD) responded to a brush fire at a Washoe Valley residence.  Thanks to a quick response by TMFPD, the brush fire stayed contained to the residence, and did not spread more than 50 feet despite 30 mph winds.

The cause of fire has been determined to have started from ashes that were rekindled in the wind. The homeowners were surprised to hear that although they properly disposed of their ashes in two ash cans provided for free through the TMPFD Ash Can Program, after one week in the can, ashes were still not completely cold.

“These homeowners used the ash cans responsibly and thought one week was enough time for the ashes to be extinguished, but ashes can actually stay hot for an extended length of time,” remarks TMFPD Fire Chief, Charles Moore. “TMPFD always recommends mixing water in your ash can, and leaving the water and ash for 3 days to ensure they will not rekindle after dumping. We also want to remind residents that we are still in wildland fire season.”

Winter Fire Prevention Tips:

Ashes ignite.  Ashes can stay hot for up to two weeks, even when placed properly in an ash can. Always mix water in your ash can before dumping on your property.

Fire season hasn’t cooled off. Despite the colder temperatures, the region is still in wildland fire season. TMFPD urges the community to stay fire vigilant, as we are not out of the woods when it comes to wildland fires.

Check before you connect.  Not only are wildfires worse, most structure fires in the area occur between Thanksgiving and Christmas due to people using heating devices that have not been properly maintained. Always check your heating device to ensure it is in good working condition and always plug the heaters directly into the wall, and never use an extension cord.  TMFPD also urges the public never to leave the house with any devices left plugged in.

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »