Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting highlights
Washoe County Registrar of Voters approves additional polling places for Primary Election.

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Contact: Amy Ventetuolo

Reno, Nevada. April 12, 2016. The following report highlights several important agenda items from the Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday, April 12, 2016. Videos of County Commission meetings are replayed regularly on WCTV (Charter Ch. 193). You may also watch videos on-demand online.

1. Washoe County Registrar of Voters adds more polling locations for upcoming Primary Election. County Commissioners accepted Washoe County Registrar Luanne Cutler’s Registrar of Voters’ Report. The Registrar of Voters has added a few more early voting locations this year and will offer 78 locations in all, which is more than usual for a Primary Election.

Cutler said the early voting schedule is set, the election day polling places are lined-up and the race to complete ballot setup and schedule poll worker volunteers for the June 14 Primary is underway.

“We’re excited about the upcoming Primary Election and hope to see a better than average turnout, Cutler said. “There are some very important offices on the Primary Ballot that should help bring voters to the polls.” 

Cutler said convenience is important when it comes to voter turnout and that is what the Registrar’s Office is working hard to provide voters again this year.

Important dates to know

  • May 14 Last day to register to vote by mail or with any outside agency.
  • May 24 Last day to register in person (Registrar of Voters Office only) or online at (  
  • June 7 Last day to request an absentee ballot.
  • May 28 Early Voting Starts
  • June 14 Primary Election Day

To register to vote or find more information, head to the Washoe County Registrar of Voters’ website.

2. Commissioners approve new Washoe County sign code. County Commissioners approved a new Washoe County sign code. The changes to the proposed sign code were done to simplify the code and combine billboard code with sign code. Part of this process is to distinguish the difference between on-premise and off-premise signage (billboards).

 There is also updated code on:

  • Signs for elections
  • Real estate signs
  • Digital signs
  • Sign lighting standards
  • Temporary and mobile signs

The Washoe County Community Services Department has been working on changes to the sign code for more than two and a half years. The Washoe County Planning Commission has been involved in the update along with outreach to the community.

Commissioners appointed a Sign Code Working Group to go over how changes to the code will affect the public and local businesses.

Background for each of those subjects can be found in this document.

“The Community Services Department staff is grateful for all of the time and assistance provided by a diverse group of residence who helped create an outstanding product that will benefit Washoe County for many years to come,” said Washoe County Senior Planner Trevor Lloyd.

3. Commissioner Lucey dedicates Commission District Special Funds to programs at Washoe County Libraries. County Commissioners approved $2,000 in Commission 2 District Funds to support and enhance Science, Technology, Engineering and Math programs at Washoe County libraries.

“I believe this money will be instrumental in helping children gain knowledge at our incredible Washoe County libraries in several key subjects that I believe are pivotal to Washoe County’s overall economic success not only now but well into the future,” Lucey said. “Children are a huge part of our future and programs like these allow every child the opportunity to succeed in today’s ever-changing world. I am more than happy to use these funds to promote our libraries and their amazing programs. To me, this is a win-win.”

At the February 10, 2015, Board of County Commissioners meeting, County Commissioners adopted a resolution creating County Commission District Special Funds. Commission District Special Funds are separate from the budget, but available to each Commissioner to use in a way that benefits the residents of Washoe County.

4. County Commissioners approve the revised Pro Tem Justice of the Peace panel. County Commissioners approved the revised Pro Tem Justice of the Peace panel for the Justice Courts pursuant to NRS 4.032. Commissioners also approved the same people to serve as a list of potential Administrative Enforcement Code hearing officers pursuant to WCC section 125.225.

The current Pro Tem Justice of the Peace Panel for the Justice Courts was approved by the Board of County Commissioners in 2012 and needed to be updated. Human Resources contacted panelists from the existing list and asked them to re-apply if interested. Human Resources also advertised to recruit additional panelists. The list will also be used for Administrative Enforcement Code hearing officers.

5. County Commissioners agree to collect AB 104 Gaming Tax for Fiscal Year 2015-16. County Commissioners voted Tuesday to bill gaming operators for FY 2015-2016 in the amount of $994,696 for Assembly Bill 104 Gaming Taxes that weren’t collected correctly over the current fiscal year due to an error. However, County Commissioners voted to allow gaming operators to pay the money owed for FY 2015-2016 over the next four quarters of FY 2016-17.

Washoe County calculates and collects Gaming Tax from gaming operators each year and then sends those monies to the State of Nevada. The State then distributes the Gaming Tax to eleven local jurisdictions, including Washoe County.

County Commissioners also voted to forego retroactively billing gaming operators for AB 104 gaming taxes that may be due to the County for FY 2008-2015.

As part of Washoe County’s ongoing administrative review of procedures and processes, an error was discovered in the amount collected from gaming operators for certain gaming taxes (AB 104 Gaming Taxes). The Washoe County budget team identified a decline, not related to the recession, in the amount of gaming taxes collected each year beginning in FY 2009. From FY 2009 through FY 2015, approximately $4.8 million was under-collected in gaming taxes. The annual average impact on Washoe County during FY 2009-2015 was $460,000, which is approximately less than a quarter of one percent (0.16 percent)of the Washoe County annual General Fund revenues during that time frame.

Washoe County management has contacted many of the gaming operators to brief them on this issue, and a letter has been sent to all gaming operators notifying them of the error.

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »