Washoe County Green Team

Current Topics:

Employee Trip Reduction Program

Do your part and be more sustainable and green by considering alternative transportation (carpooling/vanpooling, biking, walking, taking the bus, etc.) during Rodeo and Hot August Nights events to save the air and alleviate parking congestion at the County Complex!

Employee Transportation Survey & Smart Trip Registration Winners 

Other Topics:

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Washoe County is losing tons (of CO2)! Find out more about Washoe County's commitment to protecting the environment. Download our Environmental Action Update.

Team Work

Take Action. Participate.

For more information on recycling in your community, see the Recycling Guide created by Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful and community partners.

The County saved over 1 million dollars since adopting the 2001 Energy Strategy. Read the strategy to learn more about what our facilities team is doing to conserve energy.


2008 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Forecast

County Employees are dedicated to protecting the environment and our bottom line. The new internal recycling program includes a centralized system for recycling plastic, tin, and aluminum containers. Over $250,000 can be saved each fiscal year by focusing on energy conservation in the office.