Absent Ballot Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        Where can I find the Absent Ballot Request Form?

A:        You can always call our office to have a form mailed to you, come down in person to pick up a form, or Click Here to go to our Voter Forms on our website.  Click on "Absent Ballot Request English" for English or "Absent Ballot Request Español" for Spanish. 

Q:        Can anybody request an Absent Ballot?

A:        Yes. Nevada does not require you to provide any reason to request an Absent Ballot. You can request one just because you prefer to vote from home or on a paper ballot.

Q:        Can I be on a permanent Absent Ballot roll?

A:        According to new legislation passed in 2019, Nevada now has an option for anyone to request to be on a “permanent roll.”

Q:        How long after I submit my request form will I receive my ballot?

A:        Military and Foreign Overseas ballots are sent out 45 days prior to Election Day.  Out of State ballots are sent out 40 days prior to Election Day.  And, local ballots that are being sent within Washoe County are sent out 30 days prior to Election Day.  After a request is received prior to the deadline for that election (14 days prior to any election), your ballot will be mailed out within 1 day of receiving and entering your request form.  If you do not receive your ballot soon after the above dates listed, please call our office

Q:        I just found out that I’m leaving tomorrow and I need an Absent Ballot before I go.  Can I just come pick one up?

A:        It depends on how close to the election we are.  Our office does keep a limited amount of stock for these situations.  Call our office first to make sure that we have received our ballot stock before you come down.

Q:        I’m going on a cruise/vacation and I can’t receive mail.  Can I vote by email?

A:        Email voting is reserved for our Military and Overseas voters.  If you know you are going on a cruise/vacation, please plan ahead and request your ballot so there is time to receive it before you leave.  If you are leaving 30 days or less prior to election and won’t be able to receive your ballot in time, please contact our office to see if there are other options.  The sooner you contact us, the more likely we can arrange something.

Q:        I’m going to school out of state, how can I still vote?

A:        You can vote by Absent Ballot.  Please fill out the request form and make sure that if you are having your ballot mailed to the campus that the mailing address you provide is in accordance with your Mail Room’s guidelines.  Every college formats their mailing address different and if there is an issue with the address, you may not receive your ballot. 

Q:        It is past the deadline to request an Absent Ballot and I’ve been called away on business or other emergency.  How do I vote?

A:        Contact our office so we can make arrangements for you.

Q:        I accidentally used a felt tip pen on my ballot.  What can I do?

A:        Option 1: You can contact us and we can issue you a new ballot; Option 2: You can go ahead and send it in and your ballot will be duplicated onto a new ballot for counting by the machines.  This is done through a mixed partisan duplication board according to NRS rules and regulations.

Q:        Do I need to include a copy of my ID with my ballot?

A:        Only if “ID Required” is printed on your envelope.  Otherwise, we have already verified your identity and we do not need a copy of your ID.

Q:        I requested a ballot but the address I need it sent to has changed.

A:        We will need a new request form from you with the new information so we can mail your ballot to the correct address.  Please contact us immediately because if we haven’t sent the first ballot yet, we can stop it from going to the wrong address.

Q:        Can I write-in my candidate of choice if I don’t like who I have to choose from?

A:        Nevada law does not allow for write-in choices.  If you do this, your vote, for that race only, will not count.  The rest of your correctly marked ballot will be counted.

Q:        I accidentally marked a candidate I did not want.  Now what?

A:        Draw a single line through the candidate’s name that you do not want and then fill in the oval next to the candidate that you do want.

Q:        I received my Absent Ballot and I don’t see the race that I wanted to vote on.  Do I have the right ballot?

A:        Please contact our office immediately, there are some reasons that a particular race will not appear on your ballot even if you live in the district.  Or, if you have moved and did not update your address with us, you may be voting in your old precinct.

Q:        I requested an Absent Ballot but I’ve changed my mind.  Can I go vote at my polling place?

A:        Yes, as long as you haven’t returned your voted ballot.  In order to vote in-person you will be required to surrender your ballot or sign a form affirming that you have not voted your Absent Ballot and you will not attempt to  vote twice. (Note: If you change your mind prior to receiving your ballot, please contact our office as there may be time to stop your ballot from being mail out.)

Q:        I lost my ballot! What can I do?

A:        Call our office immediately for a replacement ballot. 

Q:        I lost my envelope! What can I do?

A:        Call our office immediately for a replacement envelope.

Q:        I lost my envelope.  Can I just put my ballot in my husband/wife/son/daughter’s envelope with theirs?

A:        NO!  If you do this, neither ballot will be counted.  Call our office or come down immediately and we will issue you a new envelope

Q:        I sealed my envelope and sent it in without my ballot. Can I still send it in?

A:        Contact our office immediately so we can issue you a new envelope to put your ballot in.

Q:        I accidentally signed my wife/husband’s envelope.  What should I do?

A:        Cross out the incorrect signature and sign the correct envelope.

Q:        I forgot to sign my envelope and I already sealed it. Now what?

A:        Carefully open the envelope, sign under the flap where it indicates, then reseal the envelope.

Q:        Can I just turn my ballot into my polling place on Election Day if I did’t mail it in time?

A:        YES!  All Absent ballots must be postmarked no later than Election Day in order to be counted if turning in by mail!  You may drop off your Absentee ballot at a Drop Off location or polling place on Election Day. Absentee Ballots must be turned into the Polling Location, Drop Off Location, or at the Registrar of Voter's office no later than 7 pm on Election Day.

Q:        Can I have someone else turn in my ballot for me?

A:         Yes!  With the passage of Assembly Bill 4 in the 2020 32nd Special session, the law has changed.  Anyone may deliver your ballot on your behalf to the the Post Office, at the Registrar of Voters Office, or at any in-person Vote Center or ballot drop off location.

Q:        I need an absent ballot but I know my signature has changed from what you have on file.

A:        If it is before the close of registration, we will need you to fill out a new registration form with your new signature so we have it on file.  If it is after the close of registration, we will need proof of your identity so please contact our office immediately to discuss options.