Sample Ballot Information

Electronic Sample Ballot Now Available!!!

YOU have a choice.  Would you prefer to “opt-out” of receiving a paper copy of your Sample Ballot through the mail?  NOW YOU CAN!  Click here to complete a short form that officially opts-you-out!

In addition to reducing clutter in your mail box, you will be more environmentally friendly and helping to save your tax dollars.  If you find that you’re more geared to getting most of your important information electronically, why not add your Sample Ballot to that list? 
Click here to complete the form.

The Registrar of Voters Office will notify you by e-mail when the Sample Ballots are available on-line.  (Your e-mail address cannot, by law, be released to any third parties.) Typically, Sample Ballots will be available on the web ( about one month prior to any election.  It’s quick and easy to retrieve your copy.  Enter your last name and date of birth in the “Check Your Voter Registration & Election Day Information Here!” boxes, and click "search."  You’ll see a variety of information that pertains specifically to you; District information, Election Day polling place information, mail-in ballot status (if you requested one) as well as your Sample Ballot and Ballot Facsimile.

Once you’ve completed the “opt-out” form, it will become permanent.  If you ever decide you’d prefer to start receiving paper copies again, a short form will take care of it.

Questions?  Feel free to call the Registrar of
 Voters Office at (775) 328-3670 or click here to contact us by email.



What is a Sample Ballot?

The sample ballot contains both an information pamphlet and a sample copy (facsimile) of the ballot the voter will be able to cast. This sample contains a complete list of offices and issues for which the voter is eligible to vote.  Voters are encouraged to mark their sample ballots and take them to the polling place for reference when voting.  Studying, marking, and taking your sample ballot with you when you go to vote will get you in and out of the polling place faster and avoid delays for you and everyone.  Sample ballots are now available in both electronic and paper form.  Click here to sign up for electronic sample ballots.

Additional reference copies of the sample ballot are available at the polling place if needed.


Go Green with Electronic Sample Ballots   

How to Submit a Request:

You now have the option of receiving an electronic sample ballot notification by e-mail instead of a paper one by postal mail, but you MUST submit an online request. Click Here to fill out the online form, including your name, date of birth, current residence address, and email address, then click “submit.”

When to Submit a Request: 

You may submit your request at any time as there are no deadlines. However, the sooner you submit your request, the better, because you will receive both a paper and electronic sample ballot the first time if you submit your request after the close of standard registration (October 8, 2016 for the General Election). You need only submit the request once for it to apply to all future elections (until you request to remove your name from the email list or your e-mail address becomes invalid).

"Inactive" Voters: 

If your registration is "inactive," you must update your address before requesting an electronic sample ballot. You may quickly do this online at or you can submit a Change of Address form. You will need both your Nevada Driver's License Number or Nevada State Identity (ID) Card Number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number to update your address at the Secretary of State's website before the close of extended registration (October 18, 2016).  See the section below titled "Inactive Voters do not Receive Sample Ballots" for more information.       

When to Expect Electronic Sample Ballot Materials:  

Voters who requested an electronic sample ballot before the close of standard registration (October 8, 2016) will receive an e-mail with links to their electronic sample ballot materials starting the Monday following the Saturday close of registration (October 8, 2016). Voters who requested an electronic sample ballot after the close of standard registration will receive this e-mail within about 24 hours after their request. Those voters will also receive a paper sample ballot just one time for the current election. If the e-mail address you gave us is invalid, we will automatically mail you a paper sample ballot.

What Is Included in the Electronic Sample Ballot E-Mail: 

Your sample ballot e-mail itself will contain a link to our website where you can enter your information into Check Your Voter Registration & Election Day Information Here!  When you click search you will receive your voter registration information, your precinct number and election day polling place location, and your sample ballot pdfs.

E-Mail Addresses Are CONFIDENTIAL: 

Nevada law requires your e-mail address to be kept CONFIDENTIAL. It may not be given to third parties. Additionally, the County Election Department, Secretary of State, and City Clerks may only use it for communication about the voting process and to distribute electronic sample ballots. For more information, see NRS 293C.558(2), (4), as amended by AB 94 of the 2015 legislative session.

An Online Reproduction ofYour Ballot Is Also Available (for All Voters):

Whether or not you receive a paper or electronic sample ballot, if you are currently registered to vote in Washoe County, Nevada, you may view and print a reproduction of your ballot from our home page by entering your last name and
date of birth under Check Your Voter Registration & Election Day Information Here!
  This differs from sample ballots sent by mail in
that no bar code for checking-in at voting sites and no PDF booklet will be provided.
 You may view the online reproduction of your ballot
starting approximately around the
close of standard registration.

"Inactive" Voters do not Receive Sample Ballots:  

You will not receive a paper sample ballot if, by the close of standard or extended registration your status is "inactive" because: (a) You did not appropriately notify the Election Department of your new address if you moved; (b) You did not appropriately confirm your current address with the Election Department if you did not move and postal mail was returned as undeliverable; or (c) You did not appropriately respond to a forwardable Election Department notice asking you to verify your current address.

Note that you may still vote if you are "inactive," but only in accordance with the residential address the Election Department has in its records for you. You may check if your status is "inactive" on our home page.

Keep Your Address Current:  

Updating your address is easy. If you have a Nevada Driver's License or Nevada State Identity (ID) Card and the last four digits of your Social Security Number, you may update your address online at the Secretary of State's website before the close of extended registration. Or, you may complete and print a form to be mailed before the close of standard registration.

When to Expect Your Paper Sample Ballot

All "active" registered voters eligible to vote in a specific election are mailed a paper sample ballot before early voting begins, unless they had
submitted an online request for an electronic sample ballot before the close of standard registration. Paper sample ballots are NON-FORWARDABLE.

What Your Paper Sample Ballot Contains:

Your Precinct, Party, and Election Day Polling Place.  On the back cover, the name of your assigned Election Day polling place and
address is printed, along with your precinct number, and your political party.  A scannable bar code is also on the back cover
and it is used for quicker voter check-in.   

Early Voting Schedule:

Your sample ballot contains detailed information regarding early voting locations, dates, and times open during a 14-day
period before Election Day.  You may vote at any early voting site you wish, no matter where you live or what your precinct is.

Sample Ballot Facsimile:

The contests applicable to your precinct (and political party in federal/state Primary Elections) will appear in the order you will see them on your actual ballot. In General Elections, ballot questions
for which you are eligible to vote on will also be included.

Detailed Ballot Question Information in General Elections Only:

Each question will include a title, the full text, an explanation, and arguments for and against it.

Voting Instructions:

Sample ballots will have simple voting instructions for Washoe County’s voting systems


All sample ballot booklets (paper or PDF format) use a large 14-point font.