List of Candidates

2020 List of Non-Judicial Candidates that have filed for Office (updated daily)

Office that file with the Secretary of State are denoted with * and those that file with the Respective City**

Federal Offices

Representative in Congress, District 2*

Patricia Ackerman - Democratic

Mark E Amodei - Republican

Joel Beck - Republican

Ed Cohen - Democratic

Richard Dunn - Independent

Janine Hansen - Independent American

Reynaldo Hernandez - Democratic

Jesse Doulgas Hurley - Republican

Clint Koble - Democratic

Ian Luetkehans - Democratic

Steven Schiffman - Democratic

Rick Shepherd - Democratic

District Partisan Offices
State Senate District 15
Catana L Barnes - Independent
Gansert, Heidi Seevers - Republican
Wendy Jauregui-Jackins - Democratic
Kristie A Strejc - Democratic - WITHDRAWN
State Assembly District 24
Sarah C Peters - Democratic
State Assembly District 25
Jill Tolles - Republican
State Assembly District 26
Vance Alm - Democratic
Dale Conner - Republican
Lisa Krasner - Republican
State Assembly District 27
Teresa Benitez-Thompson - Democratic
Barb Hawn - Republican
State Assembly District 30
Natha C Anderson - Democratic
Randy Hoff - Republican
Lea "Archuleta" Moser - Democratic
Charlene Young - Independent American
State Assembly District 31
Richard "Skip" Daly - Democratic
Jill Dickman - Republican
David Espinosa - Republican
Sandra Linares - Republican
State Assembly District 32*
Alexis Hansen - Republican
Paula Povilaitis - Democratic
State Assembly District 40*
Al Kramer - Republican - WITHDRAWN
Sena Loyd - Democratic
Derek Morgan - Democratic
Philip "PK" O'Neill - Republican
Sherrie Paulie Scaffidi - Democratic
Day Robert Williams - Republican
County Partisan Offices
County Commissioner District 1
Marsha Berkbigler - Republican
Alexis Hill - Democratic
County Commissioner District 4
Marie Baker - Democratic
Vaughn Hartung - Republican
District Nonpartisan Offices
State Board of Education, District 2*
Katie Coombs
University of Nevada Regent District 10
Joseph Arrascada
Andrew Diss
Vince Lombardi
John McKendricks
Kevin Melcher
School Board Trustee, District A
Jeff Church
Lisa Genasci
Jack Heinemann
Terese Huerstel
Scott Kelley
School Board Trustee, District D
Stan Berk
Michael "Brock" Marquez
Kurt Thigpen
School Board Trustee, District E
Matthew Montognese
Angie Taylor
School Board Trustee, District G, At-Large
Jeff Backlet
John Eppolito
Diane Nicolet
Craig Wesner
Paul D White
Gerlach General Improvement District (3 Seats)
Roberta "Bobbie" Barlow
Judy L Conley
Seth Schrenzel
Grand View Terrace General Improvement District (3 seats)
**None filed**
Incline Village General Improvement District (3 seats)
Matthew Dent
Blane Johnson
Yolanda Knaak
Sara Schmitz
Michaela Tonking
Frank L Wright
North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District (3 seats)
James Costalupes
Susan Herron
Greg McKay
Palomino Valley General Improvement District (3 seats)
Tom Baker
Larry Chesney
James Currivan
Daniel Gugich
Christopher Helton
Donald Otto
John Patterson
Sun Valley General Improvement District (3 seats)
Joseph Barstow
Carmen Ortiz
Michael Rider
Verdi TV District (2 seats)
Sophia Banbury
Henry "Bud" Mosconi
City of Reno
City Council Ward 1**
Jenny Brekhus
John "JD" Drakulich
Britton Anne Griffith
Channing Jackson - WITHDRAWN
City Council Ward 3**
Denis "Sam DNA" Dehne - WITHDRAWN
Oscar Delgado
Ruth "Rudy" Leon
City Council Ward 5**
Darla Fink
Kurt Gottschalk
Neoma Jardon
Lee "Chef" Wilhelm
City Council Ward At-Large**
George "Eddie" Lorton
Joe Moskowitz
Devon Thomas Reese
Michael Walker
City of Sparks
City Council Ward 1**
Donald Abbott
Kristine Grimes
Dick Kirtley
Wendy Stolyarov
City Council Ward 3**
Paul S Anderson
Elvira Diaz
Brad Fitch - WITHDRAWN
Dan Ness
Quentin Smith
Andrea Tavener
City Council Ward 5**
Kristopher Dahir
Zeb Nomura - WITHDRAWN
Sparks City Attorney**
Chet Adams

2020 List of Certified Candidates that will appear on ballots in Washoe County

Judicial Candidates (in order of ballot appearance)

Non-Judicial Candidates (will be posted after the certified list of candidates is received after candidate filing)