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Reno Mayor
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Reno Mayor
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3601 Glen Echo Ln
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Businessman/Entrepreneur/Realestate Investor/Finance. I own a company that services businesses and residences and I have several real estate holdings in the Reno area and in the Western United States. I have been a succesful business owner for over 30 years in the Reno area. I know my experience, sense of fairness and "never quit" attitude would make for a great Mayor.
Government background:
I haven't held elected public office before, but I have served on select city commissions. Because of my business interests and my strong desire to defend what is fair I have been involved in city politics for over thirty years. I have been a strong defender of citizen's rights often fighting for transparency and term limits in court including the Nevada Supreme Court using my own money and winning every time and not taking a penny from the city. I also made sure the city and county collected over 1.8 million in seven year delinquent taxes from the ballpark, we pay our taxes they should too. I am also a very strong defender of term limits, something the current Reno Mayor had tried to circumvent using a Las Vegas legislator.
Reason for seeking position:
The City of Reno is all of us, and city government should work for all of us, not just special interests and friends of the city council. The fleecing of Reno's residents has to stop. I'm interested in solving the homeless situation downtown, by working with the county not going at it alone with just your tax dollars. I'm working in a real way to solve the housing crisis in a way that is realistic and affordable for all Reno families and especially our young families. You the citizen, as a resident and business owner should be the priority, not projects that give away your tax dollars to millionaires and lobbyists. We need strong leadership that provides disciplined oversight, these lawsuits at the city have to stop, they can be stopped through leadership, sound judgement and setting strong expectations. Reno has grown organically, but largely services and housing haven't kept up with the growth, we need an "experienced steady hand" to guide this, we've tried "youthful enthusiasm" and it's gotten us housing shortages, skyrocketing mortgages and rents, business growth is good and we'll grow the economy more, but with forethought. I vow to develop leaders within our city, pay down our debt, improve our public safety by listening to you and working with police and fire, and I will also pledge my 1st year's paycheck back to a city department that needs it. I will return every citizen's call by the end of the day, because I will work for you... and I'm here to work! I believe we can do better and with your vote and me as the People's Mayor, Your Mayor... A Better Reno is coming.
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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »