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County Assessor
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County Assessor
4515 Keyhaven Drive
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4515 Keyhaven Dr
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Bachelor's degree from University of San Francisco in Organizational Behavior, undergraduate studies in Business Administration at Santa Clara University, Top cadet at Frederick Military Academy. Graduate -- Just in Time Institute.
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Business adviser to technology start up companies. I’m an experienced executive, entrepreneur, consultant and interim C-level executive working to make businesses and organizations better -- more efficient, more profitable, better positioned in the market and better prepared to prosper going forward.
Government background:
This would be my first position in elected office. I have been active in public issues at the city, county and state levels and have participated in policy and legislative discussions in public forums.
Reason for seeking position:
Hi, my name is Chip and I’m running to give the great people of Washoe County the full-time, no conflicts Assessor they pay for and deserve.

You may not have heard, but for the first time in a long time, the Nevada legislature has begun a much-needed discussion of our state’s property tax regulations.

It’s an important discussion that will affect our quality of life in many ways and for years to come.

Our community relies on property taxes to fund education, police, firefighters, parks, city and county services to our seniors, veterans, other citizen groups and the business community.

Whether any changes to our tax laws will be considered or adopted by the legislature is uncertain. What is certain is that you, our school boards, city councils, county commissioners and state legislators need to be equipped with information on how any proposed changes will affect you and property owners of Washoe County.

As your Assessor, I will have no say in the outcome of the Nevada legislature’s property tax decisions. But I can be a strong voice in those discussions to make sure Washoe County’s needs and aspirations are not overlooked. I am committed to providing you and our elected representatives the unbiased information and analyses needed to foster an informed discussion.

If you want that strong voice for your interests, you’ll need a full-time Assessor, not someone running three personal businesses who stops by the office every now and then. You deserve and pay for a full-time Assessor.

To effectively communicate the impacts on Washoe County in these discussions, we’ll need someone who is free of “the appearance of impropriety” and has no potential conflicts of interest from outside work in the real estate industry.

An effective voice for Washoe will need credibility with our elected officials across the political spectrum and a reputation as a straight shooter. We’ll need a new Assessor for that.

My name is Chip Evans and I ask for your vote on November 6th to be your Washoe County Assessor.

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »