Adopt a Child

Washoe County has partnered with the State of Nevada and KOLO TV, News Channel 8 to present "Have a Heart". "Have a Heart" features a child or sibling group that is in need of an adoptive home. This feature can be seen on the 6:30pm news the 3rd Wednesday each month. KOLO provides web page coverage of every child, which can be accessed at

For more information on how to become an adoptive parent, please contact the Department's Adoption Recruiter at 775.337.4510, or by e-mail. Please note: All email inquiries will be responded to within one week.

Find a child in Washoe County

I would like to see:

Boys Girls Sibling Groups
  • Christina
    Christina (age 12)
    Meet Christina!
  • David
    David (age 14)
    David the gamer!
  • Devvan
    Devvan (age 12)
    Devvan has a great smile.
  • Eiden, Natalia, Cammila
    Eiden (age 8), Natalia (age 7), Cammila (age 4)
    These three love to Camp!
  • Gavin
    Gavin (age 13)
    Meet Gavin!
  • George
    George (age 12)
    Meet George!
  • Hannah, Savanna and Zachery
    Hannah (age 13), Savanna (age 11), Zachery (age 8)
    They love animals!
  • Jabin
    Jabin (age 16)
    Meet Jabin!
  • Jabrion
    Jabrion (age 13)
    Meet Jabrion!
  • James
    James (age 16)
    Meet James!
  • Joey
    Joey (age 12)
    Joey has a great smile
  • Katie
    Katie (age 12)
    Katie loves animals and roller skating
  • Melanie
    Melanie (age 14)
    Melanie loves nature and the outdoors
  • Nevaeh and Jasper
    Nevaeh (age 4), Jasper (age 3)
    Meet Nevaeh and Jasper! Local families only
  • Paloma, Helena and Angela
    Paloma (age 11), Helena (age 3), Angela (age 13)
    Meet Paloma, Helena and Angela!
  • Piper, Kari and Camron
    Piper (age 9), Kari (age 13), Camron (age 11)
    Cute children!
  • Savannah
    Savannah (age 13)
    Meet Savannah! Local families only
  • Sean
    Sean (age 16)
    Meet Sean!
  • Seselia
    Seselia (age 9)
    Meet Seselia!
  • Steffanie, Cristian and Edgar
    Steffanie (age 6), Cristian (age 4), Edgar (age 8)
    3 amazing kids!
  • Tala, Joe, and Izzy
    Tala (age 9), Joe (age 11), Izzy (age 8)
    Meet Tala, Joe, and Izzy!
  • Trinity
    Trinity (age 12)
    Great with Animals!
  • Triston
    Triston (age 13)
    Meet Triston!
  • Kyler
    Kyler (age 7)
    Meet little Kyler-local families only