Adopt a child: Paloma, Helena and Angela

Paloma, Helena and Angela

STATUS: 100% Available

FLAGS: Flexible Family

what do these mean?
12-year-old Girl, born on May. 24, 2005
3-year-old Girl, born on Dec. 16, 2013
13-year-old Girl, born on Jul. 18, 2003

These amazing sisters are ready to be a part of a forever family.  Angela and Paloma are intelligent ladies who love to read and learn! Paloma is interested in Anime, video games, all different types of music, cooking and is quite the artist.  She likes doing activities like bowling.  She receives straight A’s in school and hopes to become an engineer.  Helena is a sweet little girl who is independent and smart.  She loves “How to Train a Dragon” and “Zootopia”.  She loves Minnie Mouse and likes to be read to.  Angela likes rock music, is also talented in art, likes all aspects of school (social), and enjoys watching movies and reading in her free time.  Her caregivers think she would be a great chiropractor when she grows up.  These girls have great connections to their school and church and the local Boys and Girls Club.  They are bright, funny and engaging and a joy to be around. 

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