Adopt a child: Juaquin


STATUS: 100% Available

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10-year-old boy, born on Oct. 17, 2006
Juaquin is an easy going child who has a beautiful smile. He can be captivated by auditory stimulation and he is capable of adjusting his voice to different situations. Juaquin loves going for walks to the park especially when there aren’t many people there. Juaquin has been diagnosed with Autism; He's making progress in his current services. He is in the Second grade and already knows many words and can speak in several word sentences. He is on an IEP to address his educational needs. Juaquin loves to be outside; his favorite things are to camp, hike, fish, and to swim. He is very receptive to soft, soothing sounds. Juaquin is a true boy; he loves mechanical things (cars, toys, trucks, etc.) and is fascinated with how things work and fixing things.
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