Adopt a child: Ian, Lilliana, Kaden, Izak

Ian, Lilliana, Kaden, Izak

STATUS: 100% Available

what do these mean?
14-year-old Boy, born on Apr. 30, 2002
6-year-old Girl, born on Nov. 21, 2010
7-year-old Boy, born on Feb. 10, 2010
10-year-old Boy, born on Mar. 28, 2007
Ian is crafty, intelligent, capable and well rounded. He loves to read to relax. His favorite music is classic rock and some of his favorite artists are Bon Jovi, Nirvana, Bad Company, Styx, Journey, Queen and Bob Marley!
Izak is friendly, funny, cares about others, and very hardworking. He loves the Marvel superheroes and listening to music such as Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. His favorite sports are hockey and soccer! Izak loves learning about insects, reptiles, and dangerous animals!
Kaden is a wonderful, sweet, honest, goofy, smart young boy. He loves watching movies such as Transformers. Kaden’s favorite season is winter and he loves to play in the snow. His favorite sports to play and watch are soccer and football!
Lilliana (Lilly) is a beautiful, amazing, sweet, curious, confident little girl. Lilly loves Wonder Woman, watching movies, snuggles, and her favorite season is Spring time!
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