Adopt a child: Daniella and Megan

Daniella and Megan

STATUS: Legal Risk

FLAGS: Flexible Family

what do these mean?
8-year-old Girl, born on Mar. 04, 2009
7-year-old Girl, born on Dec. 21, 2009

Daniella is described as caring and thoughtful.  Daniella’s favorite colors are black and bright fuchsia pink.  She is learning to ski, this is her second year.  Daniella is participating in ballet and she loves to dance.  Daniella likes a variety of fruits and vegetables and grilled cheese sandwich.

Megan’s favorite colors are light blue, purple and pink.  She loves to do puzzles and coloring.  Megan enjoys to help with cooking, especially making her own burrito.  Megan is participating in ballet and likes to play baseball.  

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