Bailiff Agustin Medina commended for response to incident

Medina Commended for Response to Incident by Chief Judge David CliftonReno, Nevada. Apr. 23, 2015. In the afternoon of April 10, 2015, at approximately 1345 hours, a male suspect entered the Mills B. Lane Justice Center holding a six inch knife to an apparent victim’s throat. The victim stated several times in a loud voice that the suspect needed help.

Upon hearing radio communication from Court Security regarding the need for immediate armed assistance, Bailiff Medina responded expeditiously and solely confronted the suspect. His exemplary response contained the situation until back-up arrived.

After reviewing security tapes and conducting a complete investigation, including high-level meetings, it was determined that Bailiff Medina's quick response, professional demeanor and proper handling of the situation controlled the life threatening event and the incident ended with the suspect being taken into custody without injury to him, the hostage, public or other responding law enforcement officers.

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