Reno Justice Court helps those in need

Image of food donated by the staff of Reno Justice Court.Reno, Nevada. Dec. 19, 2014. The generosity of Reno Justice Court is overwhelming. Since October of this year, the employees at the Court, with support from the Judges, donated more than one thousand dollars to the Susan G. Komen foundation. The employees held a raffle, where tickets were sold through in-house promotional events for raffle prizes that were donated by the employees. “Staff either made, purchased or donated items and gift certificates for the raffle” clarified Ms. Tami Neville, a Reno Justice Court supervisor and raffle coordinator. “There were more than thirty prizes this year, which is up from last year where the number of prizes was around twenty-five.”

The Court did not stop there. In the early part of November, the employees at Reno Justice Court donated almost one hundred articles of clothing to the CrossRoads program. “CrossRoads is a transitional housing and addiction treatment program that works closely with our Specialty Courts to help local citizens gain a more productive and healthier lifestyle” explained Ms. Lindsay Oberman, a courtroom clerk who directly supports the efforts of the various Specialty Courts.

In the latter part of the month, Court employees donated several hundred toys to Toys for Tots. “Although some of these toys were small, such as match box cars and action figures, others were over the top.” “Employees donated board games, life-size baby dolls and a remote control car” stressed Cheryl Vortisch, a civil counter clerk. “I had to make ten or twelve trips to get all the toys to my car.” “The toys filled up my Chevy Equinox.”

And to round out the year, Court employees donated an estimated one thousand pounds of food to the Evelyn Mount Food Bank, a local organization that helps feed the hungry. “I was amazed, the food filled up the entire bed of a full-size F-150 pick-up truck” stated Ms. Allison Lang, a Reno Justice Court clerk and one of many who donated to this cause.

“All I can say is the generosity of this Court is overwhelming.” “This is a great group of people, who work hard and gives back abundantly.” “I’m proud to be a part of this team” affirmed Steve Tuttle, Reno Justice Court’s Administrator.