Wilson Commons Park

Susan Lee Circle, Washoe Valley (click here to view a map)

Park Ranger Office: (775) 849-1825

WC Facing West

Wilson Commons Park is located on the west side of beautiful Washoe Valley and features historic ranch outbuildings, 20 acres of irrigated pasture and several acres of developed parkland. The developed portion features a tennis court, group picnic area (non-reservable), horseshoe pits, volleyball court, fishing pond with gazebo and benches for viewing the impressive Sierra Nevada mountains.

Park History

WC Chicken House

WC National Register

Prior to the arrival of Euroamerican settlers, the Washoe Indians occupied this valley, finding abundant food sources within mountain streams and the riparian areas surrounding Washoe Lake. By the twentieth century, most Washoe Indians had moved to reservations near Reno and Carson City. This land became part of the Twaddle Ranch from 1869 to 1885 when it was sold to the Pedroli brothers. The Pedroli Ranch was a dairy business, shipping fresh milk and cheese to the miners working the Comstock Lode. Did you know? On July 7, 1943, Eleanor Roosevelt visited the ranch with her friend Gertrude Pratt (who was living nearby at the time).

The ranch then passed to Harp Brothers, Inc. in 1948 and became known as the Jackson-Harp Ranch. The Wilson/Rand family then owned the property from 1956 to 1986. Mr. Wilson built the existing roads and named two of the streets after two of his grandchildren, William Brent and Susan Lee. In danger of commercial development, the property was purchased by Washoe County in 1986 and became a county park for all to enjoy. The 5 acres on which the historic buildings stand were listed in the National Register of Historic Places (April 2000) for "its association with the agricultural history of the region that sprung up in response to the westward migration and the mining booms that struck Nevada first in the late 1850s." - US Dept. of Interior

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Activities: Fishing,  BBQ/Picnicking,  Horseshoe Pits,  Photography,  Tennis,  Volleyball,  Junior Ranger Program