New videos aim to protect Washoe County’s children
Call 833-900-SAFE to report child abuse or neglect in Washoe County.

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Contact: Chris Ciarlo

Reno, Nev. Oct 14, 2020. The Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA), Washoe County School District, Child Assault Prevention, PBS Reno, and several local agencies are collaborating to launch creative videos, aimed at reaching children who may be experiencing child abuse or neglect.

Reports of abuse and neglect have increased more than 10 percent year over year since the 2020-2021 school year began.

The short videos raise awareness in Washoe County about child abuse and neglect by reminding young children to ask for help if they don’t feel safe. The message is conveyed in a concise and creative way by use of puppets. The goal is to encourage children to tell a trusted adult, such as mom, dad, a teacher or counselor. The videos are airing during children’s programming on PBS Reno channel 5.1, PBS Reno Kids channel 5.3, as well as several social media platforms over the next several months.

HSA is calling on citizens of Washoe County to protect children by contacting Child Protective Services’ new phone number at 833-900-SAFE when reporting child abuse and/or neglect.

“All of us have the responsibility to report when we believe a child is in danger,” said CPS Children’s Services Division Director Ryan Gustafson. “We know more children are home because of Covid-19 and are more susceptible to abuse or neglect. We encourage everyone to have a heightened awareness during this difficult time to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable in this community.”

View 15 second psa.

View 30 second psa.

Fiscal Year 19-20 Numbers to Know

  • 6,074 reports of abuse/neglect.
  • Nearly 2,000 investigations.

The following also contributed to the creation of the videos:

Washoe County Television, Children’s Cabinet, Child Assault Prevention, Child Advocacy Center.

For more information about CPS and a list of frequently asked questions, please head to our new website.



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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »