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Top headlines from today’s Board of County Commissioners meeting
Commissioners heard an update on the NNAMHS campus, Detention facility and more

Media Release
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Contact: Amy Ventetuolo

Reno, Nev. Oct. 8, 2019. The following report highlights several important agenda items from the Washoe County Board of Commissioners meeting:

1. Commissioners heard an update on the NNAMHS Campus. Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA) Director, Amber Howell, shared an update with Commissioners on the Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (NNAMHS) project in Sparks. Homeless women, children, and families that are currently staying at the Community Assistance Center in downtown Reno will move to the new NNAMHS campus when the campus is complete spring of 2020. The new campus will provide more space for social and recreational opportunities for children and adults by creating two campuses. The NNAMHS Homeless Housing Project will enhance HSA’s CrossRoads program and provide additional care management services for homeless women, children and families. The separation of the populations will provide a child friendly space for children, which is required to support a learning environment as well as allow families to remain together.

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services is leasing the buildings to HSA to significantly expand county programs at the NNAMHS campus, located at 480 Galletti Way in Sparks. The NNAMHS campus will serve the following vulnerable populations:

  • Homeless shelter for families and maternity.
  • Homeless shelter for women.
  • Transition Age Youth Crossroads building.

“Thanks to our partners at the State and the investment of this Commission, this campus has been reinvigorated,” says Vice-Chair Bob Lucey. “It is being transformed from a place where people have gone to be forgotten, to a place where people go to be renewed.”

2. Washoe County Sheriff’s Office provided an update on the Washoe County Regional Detention Facility. Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy, Jeff Clark, presented an update to Commissioners that highlighted the Detention Services Unit, shared about their expanded program partnerships and inmate resource education. Additionally, the presentation provided information about the Medication Assisted Treatment program made possible in part from a University of Nevada, Reno program grant. To see the complete presentation, click here.

3. Washoe County Treasurer receives approval to auction tax delinquent properties in spring of 2020. Every year Commissioners approve the sale or transfer of any tax-delinquent properties that have been requested by local governments, and directs the County Treasurer to auction all remaining delinquent properties at public sale.

After the review of the current tax delinquent properties, and allowing local agencies and jurisdictions to review the properties, 86 tax delinquent properties have been identified as available for sale. After proper notification, the 86 parcels will be sold on April 22, 2020, if not redeemed. For more information on the next Tax Delinquent Properties Auction, please click here.

4. Commissioners approve appointments to Boards and Commissions. The Board of County Commissioners approved the following appointments and re-appointments:


Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »