Washoe County sets single month record for number of children adopted
To date, 142 children have been adopted in 2018.

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Contact: Chris Ciarlo

Reno, Nev. Aug. 20, 2018. The Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA), Washoe County District Attorney’s Office and Washoe County Family Court are proud to announce 37 children were adopted at this past Friday’s Adoption Day.

The total number of children adopted into a forever home throughout the month of August is now 53, higher than any month since 2011. During the 2018 calendar year to date, 142 children have been adopted, which is five more than were adopted all of 2017.

“HSA is proud to be an integral part of four Adoption Day events every year and 2018 has already brought unprecedented results,” HSA Director Amber Howell said. “Adoption Day is a momentous occasion when a judge signs the document legally binding a child and parent to become a family. It’s a privilege for our hard-working staff to see the smiles on the faces of children as their dreams become reality. We thank our community partners, incredibly passionate staff and dozens of loving parents who were willing to make this month so special.”

The HSA Adoption Unit finds families for children, not children for families. The primary purpose of adoption service is to help children who would not otherwise have a family life become members of a family that can give them the love, care, protection and opportunities essential for their healthy personal growth and development.

HSA adoption staff welcomes your calls and asks that any inquiries from those interested in becoming adoptive parents be directed to the Washoe County Adoptions Unit at 775.337.4400 or

Review HSA’s s frequently asked questions page.

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