Washoe County Announcement

Perry Fire Update –Evacuations Lifted
The Perry fire burn scar will leave blowing dust & ash devils that will look like smoke columns for days to come.

Media Release
For Immediate Release

Contact: Adam Mayberry

Reno, Nev. August 3, 2018.  Fire and County officials have lifted all evacuations near the Perry Fire in the Pyramid Lake/Palomino Valley region. Residents may return home; however, power has not been restored to all locations. Fire managers are working closely with utility companies to restore services. Maintain caution as equipment will still be in the area and rehabilitation work is ongoing. 

The Perry fire burn scar will leave blowing dust and ash devils that will look like smoke columns for days to come.  It is important to be mindful of these occurrences and the area will be patrolled for the next several days.  Ash devils result from strong updrafts from the heat of the fire or the blackened ground, which gives rise to spinning columns of air.

 Microwave Road is closed. Fire equipment and utility companies will be traveling the road to complete necessary repair work as well as ongoing fire suppression. Please stay out of the fire area, especially the narrow dirt roads, to allow firefighters to focus on operations and fire equipment to travel safely.

Today and the next several days are Red Flag Warning days issued by the National Weather Service.  Conditions are ideal for wildland fire combustion and rapid spread.  Winds will continue to be problematic the next two days. Saturday (tomorrow) looks to be an extremely critical day with forecasted wind gusts up 40-50 miles per hour. 

We encourage our residents to remain vigilant and avoid activities that could spark a wildfire such as target shooting and off-roading.  Open burning in Washoe County is illegal including campfires and bonfires. 

The Perry Fire burned on BLM, Tribal, and Washoe County jurisdictions.