Washoe County Regional Animal Services provides shelter for hundreds of evacuated animals
Turkeys, chickens, and goats, oh my! Ironwood Evacuation Center sheltering people & animals

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Contact: Adam Mayberry

Reno, Nev. July 30, 2018. During times of emergency, for many Washoe County residents it’s not just their family and belongings they are trying to protect, but those who many consider furry family members - their pets and livestock.

“As of this morning, we are sheltering 326 animals at the Ironwood Evacuation Center, and have had staff assisting residents 24/7,” says Shyanne Schull, Director of Washoe County Regional Animal Services.

In addition to animals, Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA) has also been aiding citizens, along with the American Red Cross, by providing residents with shelter, food and water as well.

Here’s a look at the Ironwood Evacuation Center by the numbers:

People & Animals:

326 animals evacuated to the shelter:

  • 118 chickens
  • 78 dogs
  • 55 goats
  • 45 horses
  • 23 cats
  • 3 cows
  • 2 pigs
  • 1 llama
  • 1 turkey

 After Human Services Agency staff checked on homes and residents:

  • 429 residents chose to stay in their homes
  • 134 residents chose to evacuate
  • Approximately 8 people stayed at the shelter overnight on Saturday and Sunday

If evacuation for animals is needed, Washoe County Regional Animal Services asks if possible, to bring hay and water tubs to accompany the animal. For information regarding the Ironwood Evacuation Center located at 5600 Whiskey Springs Road, please contact Washoe311 by dialing 3-1-1 from any phone, or calling 775-328-2003 or emailing


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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »