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Washoe County and Lamar Advertising raise SUID awareness with billboard campaign.

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Contact: Chris Ciarlo

Reno, Nev. May 30, 2018. In an effort to raise awareness about the dangers of Sudden Unexplained Infant Death (SUID), Lamar Advertising and the Washoe County Human Services Agency (HSA) are launching a large-scale billboard campaign this spring throughout Washoe County.

SUID is the leading cause of death among healthy infants under the age of one in Washoe County. There have been 20 infant deaths in Washoe County since 2013, all due to unsafe sleep situations.

To make sure your infant is sleeping in a safe environment, follow these guidelines:

ALONE-Always put your baby to sleep alone.

BACK-Always put your baby to sleep on their back.

CRIB-Always put your baby to sleep in a crib.

“Lamar Advertising and Washoe County believe these signs will be a creative and effective way to remind the community about the dangers of unsafe sleep. Washoe County is thankful to Lamar Advertising for supporting such an important awareness campaign," said HSA Director Amber Howell.

Through generations of commitment, Lamar Advertising has changed the nation’s landscape while still maintaining the character of a family business.

“Lamar Advertising cherishes the ability and opportunity to support our community with public service messaging,” said Lamar Advertising Vice President Matt Strohfus. “While each PSA opportunity is important and serves a greater purpose, the chance to partner with Washoe County regarding SUID awareness is an opportunity that we enthusiastically stand beside. We are eager to participate in a broad and mass reaching campaign to help educate the general public on the tragic dangers of SUID.  Outdoor advertising is a powerful medium that gives causes, such as SUID, the loud voice that it truly deserves. Lamar is thankful for the opportunity to partner in this campaign.

Join the campaign on social media by following us on Twitter @Washoecounty and using #SafeSleep.

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