Health District identifies recalled Kratom products in Washoe County
Officials warn of food poisoning concerns that prompted FDA action

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Contact: Scott Oxarart
775.328.2414 or 775.276.1021

RENO, NEV., April 23, 2018 - Local health officials are asking for your help in stopping a Salmonella outbreak related to the herbal product - kratom. According to Washoe County Health District (WCHD) staff, one local case of the food poisoning, Salmonella, is linked to a kratom product that was purchased in a Reno-area smoke shop. Kratom products potentially contaminated with salmonella were recently put on hold by WCHD at the smoke shop and removed from the shelves. Officials urge people to stop using the kratom products that have been linked to hundreds of cases of the food-borne illness since early this year. Health officials are also asking people to report locations that are selling kratom products so that they can be warned of the recalls and the product can be pulled from shelves and storage in order to prevent further illnesses while the national outbreak investigation continues. Please call (775) 328-2434 to report kratom sales and products.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kratom is a plant native to Southeast Asia that is consumed for its stimulant effects and as an opioid substitute. It may be brewed in a tea, chewed, smoked, or ingested in capsules. It may also be labeled as Thang, Kakuam, Thom, Ketom and Biak. As of early April, over 130 Salmonella cases in 38 states including Nevada have been linked to the tainted kratom. A list of recalled kratom products is available on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration website.

Each year about 36 cases of salmonellosis are reported in Washoe County. Most people infected with Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps one to three days after exposure. Salmonellosis is usually diagnosed by laboratory testing of a stool sample, according to CDC. The illness usually lasts four to seven days. Although most people recover without treatment, severe infections can occur. Infants, elderly people, and those with weakened immune systems are more likely than others to develop severe illness. When severe infection occurs, Salmonella may spread from the intestines to the bloodstream and then to other body sites and can cause death. People who believe they've gotten sick from consuming kratom should contact a health care provider.

For more information on the kratom salmonella outbreak from the CDC, visit their website at:

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