Waste Management Works to Reduce Windblown Trash
Free and low-cost options available for excess recycling disposal

Reposted on behalf of Waste Management

Reno, Nev. Feb. 14, 2018. In an effort to reduce windblown trash, Waste Management is asking customers not to leave materials outside of their carts unless affixed with an extra waste sticker and placed in a bag, box or bundled – including cardboard.

Our single-stream recycling program is designed to keep all recyclable materials in a cart with the lid closed– even broken down cardboard boxes. Keeping materials in the cart helps reduce windblown trash and prevents recyclable paper products from being destroyed by wet weather.

Customers who routinely have more recycling may consider increasing the size of their recycling container or adding a second recycling container to their account. Changes may be made through our customer service call center at 775-329-8822, or in person at 100 Vassar Street in Reno.

Or, customers can always bring extra recycling materials to our transfer station at 1190 E.  Commercial Row for free drop off.  Those materials include scrap metal, appliances and refrigerators free of coolant.

Customers with excess trash can utilize their no-cost excess waste stickers.

One excess waste sticker is required for curbside collection of each bag, box or bundle. Please check sticker for size and weight requirements.

Residential customers are also entitled to 4 trips to the transfer station per year at no additional cost. Transfer stations are located at 1390 E. Commercial Row and 13890 Mt. Anderson Street in Reno. Sparks and Unicorporated Washoe County customers may also use their dumps at Lockwood Regional Landfill, Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

To find out more about service options in your area, please go to, or

Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »
Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »