Washoe County announces new healthy-eating program for restaurants
Healthier menu choices will now be available in participating diners

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Contact: Scott Oxarart
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The Washoe County Health District is working with local restaurants to present W.O.W! (We Order Well), a new healthy-eating movement that promotes better menu choices in Washoe County establishments. W.O.W! provides restaurants with the materials they need to offer customers new healthier menu options when dining out.  Specifically, W.O.W! encourages smaller portion sizes for some already-popular menu items and also encourages healthier kids menus by adding extra fruits and veggies, removing sugar-sweetened beverages, and reducing fried foods. 

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with local restaurants to improve the health of our community and visitors,” said Kitty Jung, Chair of the Washoe County District Board of Health. “Good health starts with healthy eating, so it only makes sense to work together with our restaurant owners to offer better dining options.” 

The Health District will not only provide nutritional information and guidelines for better menu choices, but will also provide participating restaurants with promotional materials for their menus and storefronts to generate interest and attract diners looking for W.O.W! menu options. Restaurants are encouraged to display the W.O.W! logo to mark participation in the program. If your favorite eatery isn't participating in the new lighter-fare initiative, ask them to W.O.W! things up. 

“We believe this campaign is one more step to making Washoe County a healthier community for dining,” said Kevin Dick, Washoe County District Health Officer. “We’ve already heard positive comments from parents who are excited to dine out without conflict with their children over choosing the healthier menu item.” 

To find more information on W.O.W! and to view a list of participating restaurants visit

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