Assault on Peace Officer and Stalking Charges Result in Prison
District Attorney's Office Prosecution Update

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The Washoe County District Attorney’s Office has announced the sentencing result in an assault on a peace officer and stalking case that stemmed from a November, 2015 Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) incident.  The defendant confronted Washoe County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) deputies in the driveway of a Sun Valley home shortly after they responded to a report of a domestic battery.  During the confrontation, the defendant attempted to drive over one of the deputies while fleeing the scene.  A deputy fired his gun in response to the threat.  The shooting was investigated in accordance with the OIS protocol and that case is still pending.  A simultaneous criminal investigation was conducted that led to the defendant being sentenced to prison.

Gregory Stewart Kachman, 32, from Reno, was sentenced in District Court to a combined 10 years in prison for one count of Assault Upon an Officer with the Use of a Deadly Weapon and one count of Stalking. Kachman pled guilty to both charges in January and also received a 6 month jail sentence for a domestic battery charge in Sparks Justice Court that will be served concurrent to the prison term.

The incident involving Kachman began the evening of November 4, 2015 when uniformed WCSO patrol deputies were dispatched to a home on Thorn Berry Court on a report of a domestic battery that had just occurred. When they arrived, the deputies met with a female victim who reported she had been battered by her ex-boyfriend identified as Kachman.  The victim had several visible injuries and also told deputies Kachman had turned off power to her house before fleeing in his pickup truck.  The deputies were also notified by dispatch that Kachman had an outstanding warrant for domestic battery against the same victim and had a history of violence.  While investigating, the deputies moved outside to the driveway of the house and saw that Kachman had returned.  The deputies attempted to detain Kachman, who was sitting in his truck with the engine running.  They approached Kachman and ordered him out of the car at gunpoint. Kachman responded by revving the engine of his truck and accelerating in the direction of one of the WCSO deputies.  That deputy attempted to move out of the way of the truck while also firing his gun at Kachman, striking him once in the upper torso.  Kachman stopped his truck and was taken into custody.  He was treated for his injuries and transported to the hospital. It was later determined that Kachman was high on methamphetamine at the time of the crime.  Methamphetamine was also found in Kachman’s pickup truck.  

The OIS protocol was initiated and a separate investigation was conducted on Kachman’s criminal acts.  Kachman was subsequently arrested and charged with assault on a peace officer and Domestic Battery, Second Offense.  He was later charged with the additional crime of stalking for having sent numerous threatening messages to the victim in the battery case.                

At sentencing, Deputy District Attorney Amos Stege argued that crime against police officers is inexcusable and that Kachman’s actions warranted a long prison term.  He further highlighted that despite the domestic battery and OIS incident, Kachman continued his criminal behavior by subsequently stalking the victim which was compounded by his long history of violence towards women, including a prior conviction for Aggravated Stalking.

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