Lemmon Valley Recovery Update
Letter to Residents.

July 27, 2017

Lemmon Valley residents,

We want to provide a brief update regarding the progress on the recovery effort, specific to re-opening portions of Lemmon Valley Drive, a request that we are aware is important to the community. In addition we also have an overview of the recent thunderstorm that affected the area.

Lemmon Drive

Washoe County Engineers and the City of Reno are collaboratively reviewing options to temporarily open up portions of Lemmon Drive from Waterash, south to Palace. Because public safety is our priority, we have conducted a test barrier removal project that was completed successfully this week. Due to the result of the test barrier, it is anticipated we can re-open a portion of Lemmon Drive within the next two weeks.

This would allow for small sections of the HESCO flood barrier to be temporarily removed to allow the movement of vehicle traffic along the eastern side of Lemmon Drive. Please note that any temporary modifications to the HESCO flood barrier wall will be done in a way that the barrier wall can quickly be replaced if needed. Again, due to public safety, these modifications to the barrier will include speed reductions and other protection for the traveling public. We will continually review the roadway performance and should any concerns arise, the roadway will be closed if necessary.

Please be aware that it is anticipated water levels will rise through the fall and winter season, while the current barriers have capacity to handle this expected water increase, we are also planning the replacement of the barriers for the continued protection of the area residents.

Recent Thunderstorms

Prior to recent rainfall, Washoe County Road Crews were in the area cleaning ditches and culverts. Due to their proximity, they were able to respond quickly when this week’s thunderstorm began. The rain occurred above the mountains to the north which is made up of highly erosive soils that naturally transport into the community and deposit in our roadside ditches. While crews were able to keep water moving, there was some water topping over ditches along Oregon, Juniper and Overland Streets. A drainage channel along Oregon had some sediment deposited in the bottom, this has been inspected and crews will address this as they continue to clean ditches. We currently have two Washoe County crews attending to sedimentation removal and regular maintenance.

During the rain storm, the plan to deploy pumps in the area worked well, with all pumps up and running in the community with the exception of one pump clogging with debris, which was quickly addressed. We are pleased to share with you we have added a 12” reserve pump for the duration of the summer as an added precaution.  

As events and progress occur, we will continue to provide you information regarding updates in the community.


Washoe County Incident Command Team


Photo: Crews remove recently deposited sediment from the roadside ditches to restore the designed flow line.

LV 7.27.17

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »