Domestic Batterer Faces Prison After Guilty Verdict
District Attorney Releases Trial Results

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The Washoe County District Attorney’s Office has released a verdict in a felony domestic battery trial that began last Wednesday.  The defendant was charged with battering his wife after he threw her into a closed elevator door, shattering her clavicle bone, and causing her to fall to the floor.  Once on the ground, the defendant kicked the victim in the chest repeatedly.  The charge carries a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and sentencing is set for May 9, 2017.

Kevin T. Davis, 40, from Reno, was found guilty Friday afternoon on one count of Domestic Battery Causing Substantial Bodily Harm after the jury deliberated for approximately two hours.  Davis was arrested in February of 2016 after the Reno Police Department (RPD) responded to a local hospital to meet with a victim of domestic violence.  Based on the investigation, officers determined that Davis and his wife had gotten into an argument while in their Arlington Avenue home.  The verbal argument soon turned physical and Davis’ wife threatened to call police and locked him out of their shared apartment.  Davis kicked in the door, breaking the deadbolt, and threw the victim into a closed elevator door as she tried to escape, severely injuring her shoulder.  While on the ground, Davis continued to kick her multiple times in the chest causing significant bruising.  The victim left and drove to her parent’s home before being taken to the hospital where she was treated for a broken clavicle.  RPD officers subsequently arrested Davis and this office filed formal criminal charges against him.

At trial, Deputy District Attorney Nick Graham argued the evidence did not remotely support Davis’ claim that somehow the victim had fallen on her own, and there was no excuse that would ever justify the horrible injuries sustained by the 4’11”, 92-pound victim.

In the fall of 2015, District Attorney Chris Hicks implemented a new program to enhance the prosecution of domestic violence cases through improved victim contact. The program focuses on early intervention with victims of abuse to ensure the successful prosecution of these difficult cases.            


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