Result in Prosecution of Attempted Murder and Attempted Rape Case
WCDA Announces Man Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Brutal Attack on Young Victim

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District Attorney Chris Hicks has announced that a Sparks man has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for a violent attack on a Sparks woman that left her stabbed in the throat and severely beaten.  The prosecution’s case included charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and attempted sexual assault with a deadly weapon stemming from an attack that took place at a Sparks apartment complex around noon on August 10, 2016. In commenting on the case, District Attorney Hicks stated, “life in prison for this vicious and repugnant criminal almost doesn't seem like enough for this brutal attack that shocked our community last year.  I hope it offers closure and a just conclusion for this young victim.” 

David Logue, 32, from Sparks was sentenced yesterday in District Court by Senior Judge William Maddox to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  Logue pled guilty in November, 2016 to one count of Attempted Murder, one Count of First Degree Kidnapping, one count of Battery by Strangulation with Intent to Commit Sexual Assault and one count of Attempted Sexual Assault with Use of a Deadly Weapon.

The case against Logue began last August when the Sparks Police Department (SPD) responded to a report of a stabbing.  When officers arrived they immediately began assisting a young female victim who had been beaten and stabbed in the throat.  The woman’s throat wound was bleeding into her mouth and she was quickly transported to the hospital with life threatening injuries.  SPD detectives were called to the scene to begin an investigation and initially determined that during the attempted rape the victim had been repeatedly strangled to unconsciousness, as well as having her head beaten against a bathroom wall.  A ligature had been tied around her neck causing severe damage to her throat before she was stabbed with a pair of scissors and feigned death.  The victim and other witnesses were able to provide detectives with information that quickly identified Logue as the suspect.  He was subsequently interviewed and initially claimed to have no knowledge of the crime, but after learning that his victim survived, he claimed to have blacked out due to drug use during the period of time when the victim was attacked. Logue was arrested after the victim identified him, and this Office filed criminal charges against him. 

At sentencing, Chief Deputy District Attorney Luke Prengaman argued that the evidence disproved Logue’s claim of a drug-induced blackout. Evidence was presented that detailed how Logue had fantasized about raping the victim, waited until she was alone to attack her, and brought rope and duct tape with him in his backpack in order to subdue her. The victim and close family members described the victims fear of being alone in public and lasting injuries suffered from the stabbing. Prengaman argued that the crimes were a law-abiding citizen’s worst nightmare, and that Logue’s brutality and the premeditated nature of his crimes deserved the maximum sentence. 

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