Washoe County Announcement

WCHD EHS Tips for Power Outages at Food Facilities
Washoe County Health District Environmental Health Services releases guidelines for food facilities who have experienced power outages

Guidance for Food Facilities When Experiencing Power Loss

Perishable Foods:

All perishable foods must be maintained at 41 degress or less.
Leave the freezer and refrigerator doors closed as this will help to maintain the temperature of the unit. Typically freezers and refrigerators can maintain temperatures for an extended period of time if left closed.

When the power is restored verify all perishable food products are at 41 degrees or less.
Any products which have been out of temperature for more than 4 hours must be discarded.
When in doubt throw it out.

For ease of clean-up and disposal of perishable food, allow freezers to re-freeze food products prior to disposal. Double bag all discarded foods to control odors. Thoroughly clean with water and soap all interiors of all refrigerators and freezers, then disinfect them with a 10% household bleach solution. If possible allow the bleach solution to air dry.

If you have any general questions regarding this guidance document, please contact the Environmental Health Services Division of the Washoe County Health District at 775-328-2436 or at healthehs@washoecounty.us for more assistance.