Washoe County Registrar’s Office begins the recount of Assembly District 31 race
Jill Dickman requested recount Friday, November 18, 2016.

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Contact: Amy Ventetuolo

Reno, Nevada. Nov. 21, 2016. The Washoe County Registrar’s Office began the recount of votes for the Assembly District 31 race between Jill Dickman and Skip Daly on Monday morning, Nov. 21, 2016.

Jill Dickman requested the Registrar recount ballots for the AD 31 race on Friday afternoon, Nov. 18.

The Registrar expects the recount to be completed by Wednesday. A news release with the results will be published once the recount is finished.

For more information regarding the recount process and canvassing of the vote, refer to NRS 293.403 and NAC 293.265.

Registrar discovers discrepancy during preparation for recount

During preparation of the recount for AD 31, staff at the Registrar’s Office noticed a discrepancy in the totals for precinct 4035. Washoe County Registrar Luanne Cutler said 75 absentee ballots were scanned twice.

As part of post-election activities, an audit is completed to verify total absentee ballots. Through this process, it was noted that one batch of absentee ballots was duplicated in error.

“The original ballots were not fully deleted from the election database, therefore duplicating the results of 75 ballots. This highlights an opportunity for further enhancements in our recently developed absentee counting systems”, a representative from Dominion Voting Systems said. “We are committed to working with Washoe County to eliminate this issue in all future elections.”

According to Nevada law, the Registrar’s Office has five days to initiate the recount after being requested and the process must be completed within five days after it has begun.

“Registrar of Voters’ staff has reviewed votes cast for all races,” said Cutler. “Assembly District 31 was the only precinct impacted by this issue. In an effort to be completely thorough, all votes for the AD 31 race will be recounted.”

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