Washoe County displaying two unique art exhibits
Burning Man art and Doors to Recovery featured at Washoe County buildings.

Media Release
For Immediate Release

Contact: Amy Ventetuolo

Reno, Nevada. July 13, 2016. Washoe County is proud to welcome two incredible art projects to Washoe County buildings this summer. In addition to being an Artown Festival Sponsor, Washoe County invites the public to view the following two displays by local artists. The two displays, "Doors to Recovery" and "Mechateuthis" are explained below.

doors to recovery'Doors to Recovery' showcases the power of healing

Washoe County and the Second Judicial District Court are pleased to announce the display of “recovery” doors featured throughout the downtown courthouses, the Washoe County District Attorney’s Office and the Washoe County Administration Complex. 

The Art for Recovery Community Project features renowned local and emerging artists’ work, depicting their interpretation of the theme of “Sober Is . . .” This project was created to raise awareness and to end the stigma associated with the disease of addiction.

What: Art for Recovery Community Project

Where: The exhibit will be held at three Washoe County locations:

    • The 2nd Floor Rotunda in the historic courthouse at 75 Court St., Reno, Nevada
    • The lobby of the Mills B. Lane Justice Center at 1. South Sierra St., Reno, Nevada
    • Washoe County Administration Complex at 1001 E. 9th St. Reno, Nevada. (in the atrium of Bldg. A, outside the Commission Chambers)

When: Now - Friday, July 29; Hours: Weekdays, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Media Contact: Jackie Bryant at 775-328-3119 or or Chris Ciarlo at 775-328-2070 or

For further information, please contact Julie Wise at 775-325-6623 or

giant squid, burning manGiant, mechanical squid Mechateuthis activated at 9th and Wells

If you are itching to view all the fabulous art at Burning Man, you don’t have to wait until you get to the Black Rock Desert. Washoe County has displayed a piece of Burning Man art for all to enjoy.

Gadgetologist/Gizmologist Barry Crawford has crafted a magnificent blend of movable steel parts from scratch Mechateuthis. Mechateuthis is giant, seven foot tall, mechanical squid, driven by eight hand cranks. Each crank makes different mechanical effects from the arm/tentacle movement. Effects include beak snapping and pupil dilation. You can see Mechateuthis for yourself right now, as it is prominently displayed in the atrium of Building A. at the Washoe County Administration Complex.

reno, burning man, artFunding for Mechateuthis to be displayed was paid for in part by Washoe County and the City of Reno’s Public Art Committee and Reno Arts & Culture Commission.

What: Giant, mechanical squid Mechateuthis

Where: On display at the Washoe County Administration Complex, in the atrium of Building A. at 1001 E. 9th St. Reno, Nevada.

When: July 20 - Sept. 19. Weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

 About the artist

Barry Crawford grew up in rural Northeastern Oregon. From an early age he took a strong interest in all things mechanical. When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up his answer was “a Robot.”  After years of practice, Crawford was not successful as a robot but learned a great deal about how things worked. He spent most of his childhood making machines out of Legos and taking apart machines others made to see how they worked. Crawford’s father is a professional sculptor in both bronze and wood giving him access to a wealth of knowledge about tools and techniques for making things work. After two years in with the mining contractor, Crawford decided it was time to put his skills to work as a self-employed “Gadgetologist/Gizmologist.” Crawford settled on steel as his material of choice due to its strength and versatility.

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