Friends of Washoe County Library Donates $145,000
Volunteer efforts turn into money for eBooks, programs, technology and more.

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Contact: Jennifer Oliver

During a meeting of the Washoe County Library Board of Trustees, the Friends of Washoe County Library (FWCL) presented a check for $145,000 to the Washoe County Library System, representing the organization’s donation for the year ending 2015.

“Year after year the Friends of Washoe County Library work tirelessly in support of a strong library system,” says Library Director Jeff Scott.  “This dynamic group of volunteers shows so much dedication from day to day and we are grateful to receive this donation.”

“We are truly happy that we can make this donation at this time,” said FWCL President Dan Erwine.  “We know the money will be put to good use to continue library programs, purchase new materials, help with technical upgrades and other needs for the 12 library branches.”

FWCL’s first allocation to the library system was for $ 6,495 in 1991.  Since that time, FWCL has allocated over $2.5 million to Washoe County libraries, with some funds going directly to individual branches and other funds supporting system-wide projects.  Donations and proceeds from book sales allow for the purchase of eBooks and books, Computer Classes for seniors, and the programs for the Summer Reading Program offered by the library system.

FWCL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with over 600 members, dedicated to advocating, fundraising and providing support for the Washoe County Library System.  Its purpose is to ensure a first-class, free public library that will remain accessible to all Washoe County residents for generations to come.  To learn more, please contact

Pictured, Left-Right:  Commissioner Bob Lucey (Washoe County Commission), Derek Wilson (Vice-Chair, Library Board), Wendy Alderman (Library Board), Al Stoess (Chair, Library Board), Library Director Jeff Scott, Mary Jones (FWCL Board), Roxie Naphan (FWCL Booksale Committee), Keith Judson (FWCL Board), Gretchen Kelly (FWCL Booksale Committee), and Sara Sattler (Library Board).  Photo Credit:  Beate Weinert


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