Finding Rover’s facial recognition app to help bring lost pets home
Washoe County Regional Animal Services and Nevada Humane Society the first in Nevada to use facial recognition.

Media Release
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Contact: Bobby Smith

June 22, 2015. Reno, Nevada. Washoe County Regional Animal Services, Nevada Humane Society and Finding Rover have officially integrated facial recognition technology to identify lost pets. An additional tool is now available to help Washoe County residents find their lost pets through the Finding Rover mobile app and website. The free app uses a snapshot to match the face of a lost dog with those that have been found or admitted to the Washoe County Regional Animal Shelter and allows Finding Rover users the ability to search the shelter right from their smartphone or computer.

Nevada Humane Society will assist new pet owners by registering the newly adopted pet on Finding Rover and utilize the resource to return lost pets to their homes whenever possible, according to NHS CEO Kevin Ryan.

“Finding Rover is yet another arrow in our quiver, another tool to ensure we can reunite families when pets become lost or separated,” said Ryan. “We are always in search for the latest and greatest and Finding Rover is an example of that dedication to evolution.”

“Reuniting people with their lost pets is a very important aspect of what we do at Washoe County Regional Animal Services.  Partnering with Finding Rover on this innovative technology will enhance the safety net provided to the pets in our community,” said Shyanne Schull, Washoe County Regional Animal Services Director.

“A dog is a beloved family member, and if he or she goes missing, it can be devastating to everyone involved. We want to do everything we can to safeguard our dogs from being lost forever. Registering a dog on Finding Rover is another step all owners should take to further protect their cherished pet,” John Polimeno, CEO and founder of Finding Rover.

News Conference:

WHEN: Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

WHERE:  Regional Animal Services and Nevada Humane Society Campus 2825 Longley Ln, Reno, NV 89502

WHAT: In an effort to raise awareness in the community, a kickoff event will be held at the Regional Animal Shelter.  Regional Animal Services will hold a FREE microchip clinic for dogs and cats and Finding Rover representatives will be present to answer questions and demonstrate the app.

MEDIA: Shyanne Schull, John Polimeno and Kevin Ryan will be available for interviews.

Contact Information:

Washoe County Animal Services: Bobby Smith, 775-353-8945,

Nevada Humane Society: Kimberly Wade, 775-856-2000 ext 324,

Finding Rover: Brandi Blankenship, 949-212-0744,, .

About Finding Rover:

Finding Rover uses facial recognition technology to identify lost and found dogs in real time from a smartphone or computer. The app and website feature a lost and found dog notification system that sends a push notification to users within a 10 mile radius. When a user spots a lost dog, he/she can take a photo either within the app, or upload a photo from a device’s photo album. When a dog has been found and identified through Finding Rover’s facial recognition software, the finder will receive information on how to notify the owner.

  • Simple to register: Registration is easy through Facebook and email – all you need is a picture of your dog and a zip code.
  • Easy to use: Anyone with a mobile phone can take a photo of a lost dog, which will be instantly posted on Finding Rover.
  • Technologically advanced: Finding Rover spent two years with The University of Utah research and development (R&D) department creating its proprietary facial recognition technology. Finding Rover has the only technology that instantly recognizes a dog on the spot.
  • Social: Finding Rover unites dog owners based on common interests and provides a forum for users to read up on the latest dog news, share content and interact.
  • Free! Finding Rover is free to download and use.

Want to become a partner for FREE, get more dogs adopted out of your shelter or rescue, and reunite more pets with their families? It's simple; email with your information.

Helpful links:

Finding Rover is currently available at and available on iOS devices and Android devices FREE.

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