Frequently asked questions about Medical Marijuana Establishments
Learn more about medical marijuana regulations and Washoe County's role in the review process.

Reno, Nevada. June 11, 2015. One of Washoe County’s adopted strategic goals is to work together to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for all of Washoe County’s residents. In District 2, residents have expressed concern about a proposed dispensary for medicinal cannabis and have shared those concerns and questions with local, regional and state officials. Washoe County values and encourages feedback from our citizens. To help answer some of the questions and concerns we’ve heard from you, we’ve provided frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about medicinal cannabis establishments and the purpose of these facilities.

Preparing for implementation of medicinal cannabis facilities is an identified goal in the coming year for the Board of County Commissioners. The County Commission did not create nor pass the law; and are working to comply with state statutes and regulations in a way that provides secure, professional facilities, similar to a pharmacy or medical establishment. The goal of these facilities is to benefit those individuals who have a prescription for medicinal cannabis.

Washoe County has been preparing for the medical marijuana establishment procedures since late 2012. Over the past few years, several County Commission Board meetings, public discussions and presentations have been held regarding this issue. Washoe County encourages and welcomes citizen feedback. For additional information on Washoe County’s permitting process for medical marijuana establishments please visit To receive updates on this topic via email, sign up at

View handouts from June 10, 2015 District 2 Forum on Medical Marijuana Establishments.

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Call 311 to find resources, ask questions, and utilize Washoe County services. Learn More »