About the Office of the County Manager

As chief executive for Washoe County, the County Manager serves as liaison between the Board of County Commissioners and elected and appointed department directors, other governmental jurisdictions, community and business groups, employees, and county customers.  The Manager’s Office facilitates presentation of issues to the Board for their consideration, and the Manager’s staff ensures effective implementation of direction given by the BCC. See organizational chart here.

As with some other departments, the roles of this department are split between different functions of government including:

The Administrative Division provides planning, strategy, financial management, as well as all personnel support to the Department and the Commission.

The Communications Division develops strategic communications for internal and external stakeholders in Washoe County. The communications team functions include: media communications and messaging for 24 departments countywide, website and social media communications, employee communications, graphic design/print elements and mail delivery for Washoe County. The communications division is also responsible for the broadcast of all Board of County Commission meetings and the organization of events.

The Internal Audit Division conducts performance audits to assess departmental functions and processes to determine if they are achieving their intended purposes and doing so in an economical manner.  Compliance audits are conducted to ensure that internal controls sufficient to ensure integrity and accuracy in financial processing and reporting are established and followed.

  • The Constituent Services Program provides support to the public, citizen groups, County Commissioners, and county management and staff, by representing Washoe County throughout the community. The program endeavors to promote superior customer responsiveness and two-way communication about County issues and programs between County Commissioners, staff and citizens.  The program works to resolve concerns involving county government, explain county programs and serve as liaison between our departments and the public, provides research, analysis and project management service to the County Manager, staff support to various County committees and advisory boards, administrative support to Management Services Programs, and support for the County Commissioners as requested.
  • The Government Affairs Program manages issues of impact on Washoe County and promotes the County’s interests at the federal, state, regional, and local levels.
  • The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program maintains emergency management plans for Washoe County with the participation of local, county, state and federal agencies and organizations.  The program arranges training and exercises to test emergency plans, coordinates the Washoe County Crisis Action Team; provides administrative support to the Local Emergency Planning Committee, administers State/Federal Homeland Security/Emergency Management Grants; and manages the Regional Emergency Operations Center (REOC).
  • The Budget Program identifies revenues from multiple sources available to Washoe County to fund operations, capital improvements, special programs, and debt.  In partnership with departments, they prepare annual spending plans to utilize those revenues within constraints prescribed by the BCC, and state and federal law. The program provides leadership and coordination for grants by planning and coordinating a County-wide grant management program, providing technical assistance to departments to ensure compliance with grant requirements, and increasing grant funding to Washoe County. The program also coordinates strategic planning for the organization, assists with strategic planning for departments within the county, and provides research, analysis and project management service to the County Manager and the Board of County Commissioners.